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Cannon Shotokan Karate Federation

Lanesfield Methodist Church (Opposite The Copper Bowl)

Laburnum Road




Text Box: Sensei Paul Connor (5th Dan)
Karate History
Sensei Paul Connor started training in Shotokan Karate at the age of 5 years old.  Trained at least twice a week taking numerous belts until the age of 14 when he took a one year break to study Kickboxing and Aikido.   Sensei Paul Connor achieved  the ranks of 1st, 2nd and 3rd Dan Black Belts under the tuition of Sensei Mark Tranter and Sensei Clive Tranter (CLICK HERE for more details)
Sensei Paul Connor is the Chief Instructor of the Cannon Shotokan Karate Federation and has been teaching karate since October 1997.  Renowned for his focus on discipline and traditional teaching methods Sensei Paul Connor has set the bar high for students wishing to attain Black Belts.
To date only 5 students have ever passed 1st Dan under Sensei Paul Connor.

Text Box: Sensei David Byrne (4th Dan)
Karate History
Sensei David Byrne started his martial arts training at age 7 in Shizen Ryu Karate.  As a teenager Sensei David Byrne trained in the art of Sankukai with the British Karate Association under Sensei John Kane until 1987.
In 1987 Sensei David Byrne studied Kick Boxing for one year before transferring to the Midland Budo Kai (MBK) Federation where he trained under Sensei John Flavell who sadly passed away in 2013.
In 1990 Sensei David Byrne attained the rank of 1st Dan Black Belt and then in 1996 he also attained the rank of 3rd Dan Black Belt under  tuition from Sensei Mark Tranter and Sensei Clive Tranter. (CLICK HERE for more details)

Cannon Shotokan Karate Federation

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